Impossible Quiz Book 1

Impossible Quiz Book 1, a freeware game developed by Glen Rhodes
Impossible Quiz Book 1 has been developed by Glen Rhodes
The aim of the quiz is to answer all of the questions correctly. Each chapter has a total of 50 questions, the majority of witch will be multiple choice. The questions are not easy. They require insane, twisted logic, quick reflexes and some other surprises.

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the impossible became possible
hey people i think this game is really awsome.i dont give a flying fuk about wat u all say but this is fuking awsome
pewds played this lol he got rely mad but he finished it ..........then there was another one lol
its ok i guess
shes disgusted because u people are playin this piontless comment game
it s really impossiblee
play inposibile quiz they sead , its fun they sead .
only playing cuz the BARRELS MADE MEH!!! jk love you pediepie
lox elmo thtx all just fun... no 1 asked bad girl to b disgusted... duh!!
Wow... Pewds makes it look easier than this. =P
Stuck on number 8. wow pewdieepie makes it seem so easy xD
the questions don't make sense....
game is cool, liked! rate 4/5