Haunt The House

Haunt The House, a freeware game developed by Adam Vian
Haunt The House has been developed by Adam Vian & Tom Vian
Midnight approaches and it's time to reclaim your once peaceful home! Haunt through the house using arrows and take control of different objects using space and scare all people out of the house!

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Game Reviews & Player Tips

if this comment get 10 likes..i will tell u all how to become a dragon in the starting of the game
Pewdiepie played this! :)
If this comment gets 15 likes I will post another comment on how to posses the people.
i killed 12 people :D
i LOVE this game its easy and SUPER fun
This game is really fun...lolz
i killed 9 people =)
This game is mad fun!!!! I Scared away 24 people and killed 6 people in 20 minutes and 2 seconds, Lol!
I scared away 23 people, killed 7 and finished the game in 26:37 seconds with Rank B.
I killed 6 people. XD
die peopels diiie!
I scared away 26 people and killed 4 :P
there is one person left >:) *scares him* "AAaaahhHH!!!!"