GrindCraft, a idle clicker type of game with Minecraft theme
Developed by JetSpice
game rating
An addictive idle clicker with Minecraft theme. Your task is to click on the grid to get resources and use them to craft different items. When a new item become available, click it to craft it and build structures that you can download and play in Minecraft.

user reviews & player tips

It was short and easy, but it is fun. What I liked the most was the option to get the design for yourself once you've crafted the structure. It's nice to get something out of completing a game and it's also a nice optional way for the game maker to earn cash.
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I dont really enjoy micecraft that much so if it wasnt micecraft realted it would be even better. The only thing its minecraft realted is the textures. nice game though!
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minecraft is cool
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Cool game, but some suggestions (upvote to let the dev see): I want to come back to my city sometimes, and keep playing after beating the game x10, x100 e MAX crafting would be REALLY nice Automatically convert zombies to villager with priests would be cool An end map? In the 1.9 there will be dungeons and new monsters, so you could add a map in the end Fix lag issues after a while playing the gam
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Well, thought this game would be like the same as minecraft! but it didn't turned out that I thought it would be, though it can't be like minecraft at all. And when i saw the game pic at the home of gameshed, it looked good to me. but it turned bad. Still though only I like the part to get the design for yourself once you've crafted the structure. This game set my mood off, after playing and I agr
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This is sooo addicting. More so than candy crush.
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Friends Rome total war SoS LOL
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This doesn't feel like minecraft at all
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i agree with u it doesn't feel like!!
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I do not like it. It does not resemble Minecraft in any way.
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