Good Impresion

Good Impresion is an collect, funny, skill, puzzle developed by Ellian
Good Impresion has been developed by Ellian
Clean up your apartment before your mum arrives! Pickup, drop and store items as fast as you can, you only have three minutes before she arrives. And don't hide stuff randomly, maybe?

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Its' goofy, it's a tad raunchy, and you gotta think quick. All in all, an awesome game!
lol, i always failed. im to slow
Seriously, this was the first GameShed game I played that wasn't classified as horror .. . . Good job me!
This game is a masterpiece! Nothing like a good time challenge! I hope to see what other great games you create.
Longest 3 Minutes In My Life....
oh my god!!!!!!!! this game is so hard but also relatable because you have to clean up your room before mom comes! haha! best game ever!
man, i hate time games.