Four Boxes

Four Boxes is an casual physics based puzzle game with blocks developed by Turb Rono
Four Boxes has been developed by Turb Rono, Liu Wong & ZverYshka
Remove all the red cubes off the screen. You can split the color cube into smaller - 4 cubes. Remember - the number splits is limited. Less splits - the more stars you get.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

LoL kinda hard but cool game :]
Here's how you beat level 20: Click the big red square so that it is now 4 On the right, click the bottom blue square and then quickly click the top right blue square (1/4 of the original blue square) As it's falling, click the bottom right fourth of the original blue square. It takes good timing and several tries- I tried hundreds of different combos and spent over an hour trying to figure it
Very fun game!
fun but hard :D i like it but couldn't finish it xD level 18 is hard xD
Why i cant submit my score????
This game is so cool! It's not that hard... Once you get the hang of it. ♥
Very fun once you get the hang of it :)
hard men really
I think I was stuck on like the 4th level ...
help level 18 is hard love game tho
finelly i did it number 1 player
I beat the game with 72 pts, it's hard but addicting and fun!
i rank number 20 in a years score!
Very hard game but un beat all 20 levels =D