Duck and Roll

Duck and Roll is an funny duckling game with physics and cute graphics developed by Alex
Duck and Roll has been developed by Alexandr Lushpigan
Help the funny looking duckling to get back into the water while collecting all the stars. Use your mouse to manipulate objects to reach your goal.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

kinda hard........but i love it
cool game it`s really amusing
Good game, but dont like the ads after every level. :\
do dod do nah just kidding
This is like devil hunter, need to think first but not that hard though, only hated the points XD..
how can he get 300k score? its impossible :o
Silly game but easy 10 points ;)
pretty hard at points but a good game
THIS FAWKIN GAM IS ......IS Dumb shitz
yeahh i'm number one , get a gold medal
this game can be cheated... it got walkthrough.. so lame..
this game like easy
help me to make a point,pls T_T