Beneath, a retro puzzle platformer
Developed by Claudio & Stefano Musumeci, Giuseppe Strano, Joshu
game rating
It looks like someone has sabotaged the elevator to the mine and you will have to find the culprit within a few minutes. Otherwise you will loose your job. Take note of the objects you find and talk to everyone. Remember, people lie sometimes.

user reviews & player tips

score one for lucky guesses
waretiger's profile page
how do u play
kevinjj's profile page
jumping around, clicking on everything, then i will eventually beat the game.
moterthemomo's profile page
I can't play any of these games I click play but the screen is blank someone please help me :p
Salmapug's profile page
ts like paying cluedo, use your mind and take don the witnesses sggestion and be like a real investigator,
patrickster_19's profile page
Very funny game XD
003333's profile page
i dont understand this game
nightsblood's profile page
in a few minutes? i dont like like games with time :/
foreverAlone1qq's profile page
very easy it was white with the bomb even yomama could solve it
darterblade's profile page