60 Seconds To Live, a mini-adventure game
Developed by DeeperBeige
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You have just 60 seconds of your life remaining. Can you solve your own murder in this mini-adventure?

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the voice sound like cryaotic... love the game
Yuka_lazygamerz's profile page
hey gold medal :P
anees's profile page
got it. hehehehehhe I am so stupid.
misslulublood's profile page
Interesting game =D
clement's profile page
is it just me or does the voice sound like cry? (cryoatic)
marlyrosebud's profile page
if you find the thing you dont know of course the guard the one who kill you and take your maria
rnrf's profile page
nice game,,,,check walkthroug once then it wil b so easy,,,
saadia's profile page
yesss!! on the highscore board with a gold :)
BourbonRose's profile page
NinjaFoxGamingGr's profile page
the story is cool the game to i love it very love it!!
rnrf's profile page
yaya 5th place with gold badge!!
gamerforever237's profile page
Yay I finished it, and silver medal, i want gold :p
Naega's profile page
Yay finally gold medal :D
Naega's profile page
yay gold medal at last!, im having a hard on pins at the start lol
RockMyDude's profile page