3Lind Game, a philosophical puzzle game with creepy atmosphere and challenging levels
Developed by Spyker
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3Lind Game is an psychological puzzle game where the player has to navigate through puzzling mazes in search for answers.
0 / 65
0 / 7
a matter of time badgeanticipation leads to dissapointment badgeknocking on doors badgedoubt is the root of all evil badgein the end, every little bit matters badgestudying the problem badgeadapting is not a sign of weakness badge

user reviews & player tips

That snail is such a pain -_-
DEATHTTHEKID's profile page
for the snail this what you do is you hit the white wall dont touch the next level thing go back to start hit the wall again go back to start and to that over and over you'll seee a white snail move every time you hit the wall
spar172's profile page
Nice game but i saw illimunati eye :/
TooLate77's profile page
this game is a psychology teacher
anubhav360's profile page
it says the end but my gut tells me its not over
darkreaper's profile page
for one of the rooms the control are switched to A up D down S left and W right
spar172's profile page
OMG YOU FREAKING @#$!%&# i was on what i think was the forth level trying to get no deaths and i thought i was done and went to get the big block and the hand came out and hit me into the freaking wall and i died, i'm really pissed but i don't mind this game so far besides the slap happy hand i thought it was goin pretty well and i don't mind it. It also has badges so i'm pretty darn happy.
GottaLuvFatCats's profile page
I can't get pass the one where you shrink when you move!!!
Gamergirl270's profile page
to beat the last level that says the end you have to right for 3 sec then down for 3 sec then left for 3 sec then go where you started and move up a little
kevinjj's profile page
remember the tutorial? that how you End the Game.
QueenV's profile page
Awesome & funny game ^_^ .. but that snail is boring part -_-
Princess0Nour's profile page
interesting game
nightsblood's profile page
simply a wonderful game. A great mix of sound and graphics. The graphics may be simple, but the game itself is plainly fun, clearly love this game and I don't see any flaws yet.
NovaR3aper6's profile page
For the snail one you have to be the snail go really slowly
crazywolfgirl98's profile page