Welcome Home Jacob, a 2d survival horror game with psychopath
Developed by Iwo Plaza
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It is said that nothing is more beautiful in life than the moments spent with the loved one. A common day turns into a life or death race for our protagonist, Jacob. Getting home in the middle of the night, Jacob is going to witness a terrifying scene that will mark him forever.

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Is there no ending to the game yet..? Great game, and amazing animation style, but I'm slightly confused as to if it's finished or not yet.
bendrownedelfboi's profile page
I completely agree with BENDROWNEDELFBOI all the way. It was a good game but the ending, (if you can even call it that...), made no sense. Who is Lily? Is she his daughter? Mother? Sister? Aunt? Does he escape? What's with the giant killer rabbit? So many questions and little to no answers.
Cricketina's profile page
Really, really bad.
Geminate's profile page
The game is meh
savvypirate's profile page
Good game. However, I need an ending
Spirit13's profile page
i fell off map :$
fnaf4life's profile page
In my opinion, it was a really good game; the only downside to it was the ending, I was really confused.
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