How come even in peacetime, do friends become enemies? And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?
Auntie has an appetite for weaklings but can she be defeated? Don't let auntie catch you!
A fan-made game inspired from the legendary horror surval game Rezident Evil by CAPCOM. Now in a free online version.
If you don't like FNAF games or you are afraid of clowns then you should look the other way. This game is not for you!
A short pixel adventure game inspired from the popular horror movie `Halloween` by John Carpenter.
An old house, a toy and a dark mystery. Heard enough?
After a decade of hidding you must return home, to Lumbermoor, to repent for your family's super natural crimes against the town.
Play as Matthias Holloway, a young man hunted by nightmares and terrifying flashbacks and time loops. Will you be able to unravel the mystery behind these ev...
Discover the mystery behind Mrs. Clint's alleged suicide. Suicide, a cold blodded murder or something even worse?
Horror themed story-driven adventure game with psychological horror elements.
A short but frightening point and click horror game, where you play as a mother trying to save her child from the demons.
The sequel of the famous story-driven horror rpg game, Fear Society by ZeroDigitZ.
A mysterious entity continue to trap you in dreams in which your friends have to fight for their lives,
A new lead in this HighSchool Horror series.
The fifth installment of the popular horror themed point and click game by Scott Cawthon.
Solve various puzzles to unravel the mystery of Home Story 1971.
Enter the secret cave and discover it's secrets. Another clever puzzle-based point and click adventure game from the RustyLake Studios.
Play as a ghost-hunter and perform your duty at various locations. A fun horror-themed adventure game.
I'll bake you a cupcake so sweet, with raspberry frosting so neat. When you take a bite, oh what a delight to feel how it rots all your teeth!
Find a way out of the 'Red Oz' land before it's too late! Word is old man Daddy Rind is looking for fresh skin!
Play the second part of the psychological visual-novel game, Sanities Lament.
If you enjoy horror-themed visual-novel you should check the Sanities Lament game series. This is the 1st part of the game.
Can you beat Dr. Brain's traps and puzzles? A fun point and click adventure game where you have to navigate through a castle while solving different puzzles.
The classic Return to Zork adventure game is finally here! Play as traveler in a quest to defeat the evil sorcerer from the empire.
The local museum has recently been fitted with new exhibits and the robot employee news a hand so you decide to make his life easier.A long point and click a...
Help Wheely overcome the obstacles in his path to the shop! Solve different puzzles in order to clear his path.
Hunt for the killers in this wonderful western shooting game along with our gunner, miss Bonnie Starr.
A clever text-based escape game where you must hide from the killer for 21 days inside a creepy hotel.