Mitoza, a original point and click game
Developed by theBaboon
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Explore a world of endless possibilities in this mysterious point and click game.

user reviews & player tips

Great game, I love all of the endings.
KillerBunny's profile page
Actually pretty cool and funny! Wish it was longer though and I wish there were more games like this one!
JYNX's profile page
It was interesting. Since there were so many options, it made you want to find them all.
Duelmaster's profile page
This game in wacky and funny. Loved it.
HoodedDarkness's profile page
I love how you can experiment :)
dj_vinyl's profile page
this is awesome!
SilentKiller's profile page
The broken hearted bear ending... I don't think I was able to B R E A T H E after that. 11/10, great game.
bendrownedelfboi's profile page
i like your game
verlinmay's profile page
such a boring f***ng shit game
vamp's profile page