Wizard Hult, a freeware game
Developed by Junnan Lin & Min Lin
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Help Hult the Wizzard to explore the Wolf castle, a place filled with traps and dangers and prove his love to witch Shiloh. Use your magical powers of Stone Creation to defeat enemies and avoid traps.

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i don't really like it...
Connacemox's profile page
this game sucks
are711's profile page
this game is ok. i would play it only when im high though
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lol 2nd and i havnt played the game tho
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yea its ok altho wit does blocks i locked myself in the 2 lvl add me plz
ZeppHead777's profile page
its ok, but not for me :D
rotten's profile page
the blocks are disappearing every time I click the mouse. it's annoying!!!, nah i dont like it.
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this game is no fun
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