The Last Survivors, a puzzle based escape game with two protagonists
Developed by Kizi
game rating
Captives in a hostile territory Ellie and Joel have to work in tandem in order to survive. Each of the two heroes possesses certain abilities and thier only way out is to join forces. Jump, solve puzzles and interact with various elements in each level to achieve your goal.

user reviews & player tips

Cool and fun, but rather short. I wish it was longer.
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I love the Last of Us so much I even like the budget cut version
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Not really a fan. Too short hardly any action mainly. If anything id most like play The Last Of Us instead of playing this again then again most people would rather play this. Its decent my game rate/play rate would have to be 5.6/10 if it was just a tad more better maybe i would of enjoyed it.
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colland fun,but rathershort.I wish it was longer
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