Robin the Archer in Pixeland, a freeware game
Developed by Francisco Ferreres Garcia
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The game is about Robin the Archer, a little guy with his bow killing enemies in Pixeland! The goal of each stage is to find and destroy enemy spawn points and then exterminate every monster in the level. Don't forget to visit the in-game store for upgrades.
0 / 130
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user reviews & player tips

This game pissed me off!
ex member account
hate this game....
BourbonRose's profile page
hard i cant move my charater right
prettygizzy's profile page
lame game.......
evilsaviour's profile page
The pixie-land is doomed because their hero is a tyrant ruler within. in other words, completed the game and it is a poor game.
scarecrow's profile page
just from the pic i can tell it sux
boogeymangirl's profile page
boring bullcrap :(
ekim99's profile page
tis is borrrrrrrring
Nouran's profile page
i like this game because this game easy
ayman's profile page
Alright so i will give an honest review instead of being like ohhh this gmae is hard, this game suks. Alright so the game is not really fun, but its not hard. You need to upgrade yourself and when you do that the game becomes rather easy. its pretty much 130 free points. But as i said. The game is not fun, its really boring but there are worse games out there. Have a nice day you! .3.
SirJohn's profile page
i can reach lvl 3 but i cant pass lvl 3
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ah weihoo napada! hocken do meree!!!hoomso hoshing soyomoyohoyamo.
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FOR THE BADGES!!!!!!!!!!!!
SharpFang123's profile page
that was japan language.
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