Labyrneath, a puzzle platformer about love
Developed by 44Magdalene
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If your father's life depended on you, would you be willing to risk everything for him? Embark on a journey alongside our heroine and explore a mysterious temple in search of the Fountain of Youth. Run, jump, duck and solve various puzzles while exploring the temple and cheating death.

user reviews & player tips

I love the game so far! Super great, and difficult, but not impossible! The levels are designed amazingly! I love it! 8/5!
bendrownedelfboi's profile page
Wonderful game! But the into for the character, is very cringy. But the gameplay is made beautifully. I recommend those who love platform and pixel games to play this. I just wish there was more commentary, but the music is very fitting for each level. Great game.
Cricketina's profile page
Cricketina, the game automatically saves, so you can come back to it at a later date/time.
bendrownedelfboi's profile page
Oh, it does. I'm an idiot. Nevermind.
Cricketina's profile page
I love you game! - Armorgames.
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zerei - terminei o jogo!
predadorX's profile page
I love this game
amelia's profile page
I absolutely love this game!
Melon101Melancholy's profile page
The game is very very good! I love this art style, it's very smooth controlling, it's all around a good game! The only problem is that there's no volume adjustment bar, which is saddening. I loved some of the songs, but they were so loud that I had to turn my computer volume down so much to be able to hear it properly
Failynn's profile page
this game is nice, has a nice touch to it, the amount of difficulty is pretty good, but I honestly wish this game has points to go with it.
MrDylan's profile page
love it! very challenging and hard at first but can still make it!
JadeKight's profile page
NICE GAME BUT.....there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk
stardustt's profile page
love this game difficut but great and fun :)
stromsky24's profile page
very interesting, you should try ;-)
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