Firebug, a freeware game
Developed by thePodge
game rating
Get to the end of each level before it completely burns away. Keep in mind that everything Firebug touches burns!

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its a cool game....!! vote if u agree....
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this is like flambo in ADVENTURETIME |=[]======>
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awesome game...!! :)
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Well The Game Looks Easy But Some Of The Levels Just .___.
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beated this game hope yall can also
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WELL i should say nice game
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I love this game <3
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this is so sweet :D i just love that bug xd
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pretty cool game, some levels though are a bit difficult...
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Solid game. A good way to past the time. Is there a mobile version? I'd like to get into that.
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it is cute and kool
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luck game so luck
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This is one kickass game!!!
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