Uncover the mystery behind your aunt's murder, a brilliant scientist and inventor. Use the time machine to travel through time, interact with different chara...
Grab the steering wheel and see how far can you drive your car on a busy highway without causing any serious accidents.
A retro puzzle-based platformer with addictive gameplay and challenging levels. Guide our hero through the levels avoiding the sun and solving different puzz...
Guide Bit in his journey to rescue his friends from the mysterious portal. Duck, jump and use your superpower to complete each level.
A short story-driven adventure game set up in a fantasy world filled with death and disease. Guide our adventurer in his journey helping him take the right d...
Build, run and rule an another shop empire in the fourth sequel of the popular business game, Shop Empire by LittleGiantWorld.
The classic Return to Zork adventure game is finally here! Play as traveler in a quest to defeat the evil sorcerer from the empire.
Professor Cuthbert Calculus disappeared and it's up to our hero, Tintin to find out what really happened with the professor. Travel around the world solving ...
Travel along Indiana Jones in the creepy catacombs of Venice and search for the Holy Grail and for your father. A fun yet very challenging puzzle-based adven...
Play as a bad-ass alien who crushed-landed on some unknown planet and looking for someone to blow off steam.
Hardcore platformer that will test your reflexes to the max. Help the little alien survive in a hostile world.
Are you up for a challange? A platformer that will challange your skills to the max!
Dangeresque still hasn't solve his case and his boss is pretty mad at him. He has even locked Dangeresque in his own office until he comes up with enough evi...
Help A-bot to protect the Earth by the insectoid's invasion. Read the instructions before starting to play.
Get rid of the nosy archeologists by smashing into them. Control the guardian with the arrow keys.
You're a pixel man who has to fight the evil crab lord for your hat back. Guide your pixely hero through stages of vast pixely death.
Start a bloody quest to rescue your girlfriend from the werewolves.
Help Harvey Tumblestump, a little wannabe Indiana Jones, to get through 6 challenging levels. Use arrows for the movement and X and C for jump and shoot. Hav...
Survive for as long as possible against the Atomic Super Boss's arsenal of attacks, while inflicting the maximum amount of damage.
Your objective in this cute puzzle game is to slice the ice blocks with your mouse in order to get all the frozen vikings back on the ship!
Tuper Tario Tros is the illegitimate child of Super Mario Bros. and Tetris. Control Mario as you create platforms and kill enemies with falling tetrominoes.
Summon and control the undead forces, conquer the world by killing any human who stands in the way.
Battle with massive glowing armies in this great Strategy game!
The Mountain Man has gone crazy! Help him smash boulders down the mountain to vent his rage!
Robin is back, and now he's armed with a new weapon! Shoot your way through 14 levels of retro-styled platforming goodness!
Guide One Button Bob to the exit door each level making sure that your deaths number stays low.
Save the princess from the evil hands of King Quack. The game features 50 levels, tons of different enemies and game play elements, 3 unique music tracks!
Numz is a light-hearted fun puzzle game with cute graphics and addictive gameplay. Enjoy!