Rollin' Paint 2

Rollin' Paint 2 is an casual physics based painting game developed by Paul Roberts
Rollin' Paint 2 has been developed by Paul Roberts
Rollin' Paint 2 , is a painting game like the original. You must guide your wheel to the finishing line using momentum and your new 'booster' jet, over gaps in the floor, up lifts, around bends - all by painting roadway into the level so you don't fall from the sky! There are 25 Levels of increasing difficulty and size, as you try to collect each of the 3 stars and bonus blue stars for extra points, as you help guide your wheel around the level. Gain extra points for any remaining paint at levels end. Use 'wheel-time' to give yourself a time limited pause to paint ahead before unleashing your
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beginner badgefuel master badgefive star painter badgeno stars badgerollin' ten badge10 down! badgeyellows 'n blues badgepast halfway badgeno more stars badgeyellows 'n blues two badgerolled & painted badgerollin' paint master! badge

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this game makes me really angry :P
hate this game. hate it. absolutely terrible game. one of the worst i've ever played. a guy got hate mail over 'flappy-bird'? this game should be the one getting death threats.
I dont understand or.. Do I like this game.. It's horrible and impossible.
Meh, its one of -those- games =/
The game is pissing me off it keeps on LAGGING >:(
love the electronic music but hate when i fail -_- but is a good rage game xD pewds should play this.
urghh its not easy
It lags too much. I like the first game better. :/
I have to agree about the lag, takes the fun out of it for me
i agree with the top comment here, this game makes anger at least for me but at least theres a lot of badges to get if you need to up your score and most arent TOO hard. im happy to be 10th to beat all 25 levels, im surprised its not a more obtained badge,but ill pass on all the stars for now.
this game so insane
This game trolls me a lot XD
good game.. :)