We Become what we Behold, a philosophical game
Developed by Nicky Case
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Play as an photographer and take photos to see how the world changes based on your photos. A philosophical yet very funny game where you build your own reality based on your photos.

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this is so freaking deep. it has me questioning my Existence..
SasukeUchiha420's profile page
Wow..The game became dark real quick....
CookieBear's profile page
*me at start* "Well this game looks cool." *Me 5 mins after* "0.0 I....Ah.....Wha-?!"
Raven5577's profile page
What the what did I just play?!
Raven5577's profile page
this game is so deep omg
Dorky1Babe's profile page
Wow.....that took a turn for the worst...…. I was just gaping at my screen while everything was happening. I am so nice. :3
Eclipse30419's profile page
It's honestly kind of true, sadly. This is what happens in the world.
Schwul's profile page
Is ther even a peaceful ending?! I'm heartbroken
Cricketina's profile page
This game is weird, funny, and awsome i love it :)
VampireWolfKid's profile page
First was kinda, well okay for all of the sudden but then I was at the part that people kept yelling each other and then this person with a hat and a mustache came and shot the poor happy square guy and everyone got insane or whatever :/ It is a deep and dark game alright
KittyPawsRPG's profile page
This game is really cool!!! Just a bit scary lol ((at the end))
DarkCupid's profile page
Literally misleading the masses using mainstream media
Pufflebuns's profile page
Such a good game.
savvypirate's profile page
i just love this game
GroovyEmmi's profile page