We Become what we Behold, a philosophical game
Developed by Nicky Case
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Play as an photographer and take photos to see how the world changes based on your photos. A philosophical yet very funny game where you build your own reality based on your photos.

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this is so freaking deep. it has me questioning my Existence..
SasukeUchiha420's profile page
Wow..The game became dark real quick....
CookieBear's profile page
this game is so deep omg
Dorky1Babe's profile page
*me at start* "Well this game looks cool." *Me 5 mins after* "0.0 I....Ah.....Wha-?!"
Raven5577's profile page
What the what did I just play?!
Raven5577's profile page
Is ther even a peaceful ending?! I'm heartbroken
Cricketina's profile page
This game is weird, funny, and awsome i love it :)
VampireWolfKid's profile page
Wow.....that took a turn for the worst...…. I was just gaping at my screen while everything was happening. I am so nice. :3
Eclipse30419's profile page
First was kinda, well okay for all of the sudden but then I was at the part that people kept yelling each other and then this person with a hat and a mustache came and shot the poor happy square guy and everyone got insane or whatever :/ It is a deep and dark game alright
KittyPawsRPG's profile page
Such a good game.
savvypirate's profile page
time pass game
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