3 Pandas 2: Night

3 Pandas 2: Night is an funny point and click adventure game with panda bears developed by Vadim Pecherskiy
3 Pandas 2: Night has been developed by Vadim Pecherskiy & Andrey Kazanskiy
Help the three funny looking pandas in the adventure of their lives. It seams that they are stuck on an unknown island and need some guidance. Use their abilities to solve different puzzles as you move through the island.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

ha ha go pandas i choose you
Incredibly easy.
easy but funny and cute !
hahahha cute game ^_^
what the.. 5% = 5minutes!!!!!!!! it's taking FOREVER #notApatientPERSON!!!!!
rate 2 stuff like this just gets annoying
arghhhhhh........ i guess it wont go up aftr this 95% -_-
its such a nice game and i love this game very much