Murder, a one-button only type of game with funny topic
Developed by Anselm Pyta & Benedikt Hummel
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You always wanted to be The King and now it's your chance to become one! Sneak after the king and use your trusty knife to kill him and take his crown! Once you have his crown watch out for other King wannabes!

user reviews & player tips

Super murdering game and nice sound
MadSaveges1000's profile page
fun and amazing game,they did realy good with the sound but I wish it is was longer but I still think its great!
camcarzy8741's profile page
Lol this is very fun when you're bored ;)
PurpleGurl's profile page
that was goooooood
KateL's profile page
very funny game but also very fun to play :P
KittyKatcutie's profile page
It's been my all year round favorite game!
Raven5577's profile page
the fan= marry and have kids/marrying a stalker LOL!! butler with red drink= awesome taste butler with green drink=poison death jester=kill with a knife and throw crown at the pooping man
jehrohh's profile page
Not killing drink the potion from the guy with the red drink and you will become immortal.
003333's profile page
this game was amazing....can someone please tell me how to get points and change my profile pic? im a newbie .-.
GummieBear247's profile page
the perks of being a murderer
FarisPlaysGames's profile page
cooooooooooool game love it
popla3012's profile page
ı just realized everyone dislikes people's comments, like, what the hell is wrong with you people!?
EternalRest12343's profile page
I will never play any of your games again if you do not in the least let me play this one
Dallas2008's profile page
hi well im new
haloplay1055's profile page