You always wanted to be The King and now it's your chance to become one! Sneak after the king and use your trusty knife to kill him and take his crown! Once ...
Play the role of Caesar, the world's famous emperor and determine who lives and who dies! Give your approval or disapproval to plebeians across the land. Use...
Jump the rope and make sure you keep all your limbs intact. A fun one-button game to test your reflexes. Watch out...the rope is razor sharp!
Fly through the pipes and see how far you can get! Use SPACEBAR to control the birdie.
A fun physics-based one button driving game where you take control of a funky kart and race through the hills while performing tricks.
Play Tug the Table, an addictive two player game where you win by preventing your opponent from tugging the table. Use one button to tug the table.
A cute beat em up about a brave piglet fighting endless hordes of enemies.
Escape from the volcano and don't fall into the lava. Collect crystals and dodge the obstacles in your way.
Guide the werewolf through the village killing as many humans as possible. Make sure to stay out of reach from your enemies.
Play a physics based soccer game against the computer or your friends! Push the UP arrow button to control your team.
Use your skills to launch the space shuttle as far as possible in this addictive one button game. Easy game to learn, but hard to master.
Run and jump through 20 mind puzzling levels and remember...Space is Key!
A retro single-screen game of Dodgeball! Use only one button to catch and throw back the ball.
An addictive one-button american football penalty game to cure your boredom.
Meet the universe on this colorful puzzle game. A fun one-button skill game for the skilled gamers.
Guide One Button Bob to the exit door each level making sure that your deaths number stays low.
Fun physics-based sword fighting game that can be played in two. Defeat your opponent to gain stars.
Challenge your friends in a physics-based rag-doll game of wrestling. A hilarious and easy to learn one-button game with great replay value. Wrestle Jump als...
Get ready for some kite flying action. Use your kite to sabotage your opponents and prove you are the best kite flyer there is.
Test your skills in this isometric car driving game. See how fast can you react before crushing the car.
A mouse-based reaction game where you must run as far as you can while dodging different kind of traps.
Your objective is to light people on fire and send them on a burning rampage. Try to burn as many as you can with less mouse clicks.
Create chain reactions of chaotic atoms and solve some of the world's greatest problems like the oil crisis or bad breath caused by beer.
Hit the asteroids with your rockets just calculating when to shoot. No aiming, no other weapons, just timing! There are 50 levels. Use spacebar to play. Inst...
Navigate from track to track using only ONE button. Try to land on the edge of for a perfect jump bonus.
The objective is to guide the orb to the yellow circle, avoiding the bullets. Use the mouse to change the color of the orb so the bullets that are the same c...
How many ships can you destroy with 10 bullets?
Help Agent Turnright in the quest of his life.