Super House of Dead Ninjas, a retro platform game with ninjas
Developed by MegaDev
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Help Nintai Ryoko, The Crimson Ninja in his quest of finding the Greatest Treasure in the World! The treasure is hidden at the bottom of the Tower of Infinite Darkness. Fight against the horrific Demon Abarghus and his diabolical minions.

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yay third one :{O
Andycat's profile page
this one is something the head of this game ....
Eclipse666's profile page
So much fun, getting Addicted to it!
SaikouKai's profile page
This is a fun game.. The graphics could be better tho. Just saying. But its still a fun game. ^^
Xzerodoll's profile page
im 6th and awesome music and great game 10/10 :)
vincent23's profile page
its okay I guess
miarules12's profile page
haha fun game
16ettersand6number's profile page
Love this game so much! I actually think the pixel part of it is cool.
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