Home Story 1971

Home Story 1971 is an puzzle-based point and click game with casual gameplay developed by JustTwo Games
Home Story 1971 has been developed by JustTwo Games
A casual puzzle-based point and click adventure game to cure your boredom. Explore the house and search for various items to solve the puzzles spread throughout the house.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

lol what is wrong with me i like depressing games
clock time is 2:35
Wow this game is good.
ummmmmmmmm when you first get on the game and it shows a picture of somebody on the couch is that supost to be slenderman cause thats creppy
All I have left is the flashlight and batteries. What should I do now.
This game was very good! The story was what really made the game so special
what do you do at the clock someone help xc
calming and depressing at the same time
The game simply have a beautiful story and the music helps a lot to love it
That gave me the feels..... That was soooo sad... man... whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! But it was amazing! i Definitely recommend you try it out if you havent already, just get tissues and ice cream.
pretty easy the code for the drawer is 526
this game was kinda hard
So the brother drowned? I'm not quite sure I completely understand the meaning behind this game. I know it's about a boy and (Girl? Is Jamie a girl?) Who had a fight, and 1 died and left on a very bad note. And Jamie had to piece the photo together?