The city is infested with zombies! Find a way to escape!
In this creepy point-n-click adventure game you play as a worker who was lost in the forest. Your main objectives are collecting the items and solving the pu...
Hear the dark stories of a group of teenagers trying to scare the crap out of each others. The game features a great atmosphere, interesting puzzles and much...
Stories tell of the Dark Forest. Many lives have been lost here. You are now at the entrance of the terror. Do you dare to enter? Aren't you afraid of death?...
Play the secret of the necromancer video game and survive to tell the story. Pick your favorite character and explore a misterious world filled with puzzles ...
Three individuals are trapped inside a cabin with no knowledge of who they are or how they got there.
You have been hired to investigate the house of the Bastien family in New Orleans, the place is believed haunted since 1853 with that locals call The Bastien...
Survive a night of terror inside an art gallery where the exhibitions started to come back to life.
Horror themed story-driven adventure game with psychological horror elements.
Uncover the mystery behind the death of three little girls who allegedly committed suicide in this wonderful crima drama role playing game.
A clever text-based escape game where you must hide from the killer for 21 days inside a creepy hotel.
A romantic walk through the forest turned into a terrifying experience for a young couple.
Uncover the mystery behind the unexplained disappearance of a happy family from their manor.
A few good scares can't get in the way of true love, right?
A Halloween party turns into a horrific murder scene and it's up to you to find who is behind all this.
After a long road you and your family decide it's time to find some place to rest so you head up to some motel. Soon you realize that your wife and daughter ...
An unsettling point and click horror adventure game with a dense and nightmarish atmosphere. Explore a mysterious world surrounded by dark forces.
Play the sequel to 'disturbing point and click horror adventure game 'Being Her Darkest Friend' by Chronerion Entertainment.
Play as Matthias Holloway, a young man hunted by nightmares and terrifying flashbacks and time loops. Will you be able to unravel the mystery behind these ev...
Uncover the terrifying story behind the disappearance of the previous tenant of the house you just moved in.
Wake up! You got to wake up! You have to escape! Explore the dark mysterious world of sleep in this dark and creepy adventure game called Deep Sleep. Play it...
A visual novel about a one-night-stand addictiong. The game features over 4 different endings.
An old house, a toy and a dark mystery. Heard enough?
Are you sure you overcame the fear of darkness?
A fun yet very short thriller rpg-game where you play as a kid who is trapped inside a room by a psychopath.
A short and eerie Twine novel, inspired by the developer's own existential angst.
The last part of the Deep Sleep trilogy. You reached at the final depth so get ready to experience a whole new level of terror!
A horror-themed pixel adventure game where you play as Eddie Conner, a guy who's family has been murdered by an unknown killer.