Wild Warfare, a multiplayer first person shooter
Developed by Hyper Hippo Productions
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Wild Warfare is an old school, class-based, multiplayer First Person Shooter. It’s got armored walkers, bears, missiles, capture the flag, exploding cactuses, and lots of other ridiculously awesome stuff thrown in there. Join a team, or fight tooth and nail on your own. Wild Warfare has four intense modes to choose from, with more on the way. Create an account to level up, unlock perks, and gain rank, or just jump right into the action. How long will YOU last in the wild?

user reviews & player tips

guys just one favor please recommend this game to ur friends this game dont have much players but if it have im pretty sure it will be a great game thanks if you have told ur friends ^_^
jprv47's profile page
lots of fun, IF you see people online to play with :D
Mitte's profile page
Pretty awesome game
MiGhTyDrAgOn123's profile page
Creepsi's profile page
I LOOVVVEE THIS GAME! But the problem is i freeze alot!
brogoat1's profile page
Am I The Only One Noticing The Characters Looks Like Tf2?
Kryton's profile page
el juego es muy bueno de verdad lo e jugado en mi facebook
jesusteto's profile page
great game and add me on Skype because I am maxmoefoe but my Skype name is jayden.grams12
maxmoefoe56789's profile page
People are so rude on here.
TheLonelyGrayCrayon's profile page
the game is okay i guess, i'll keep playing it every now and then
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this game is interesting... but is frankly not worth it
monkey373's profile page
@wildtrickster: fag
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