Broken Earth, a awesome 3d top-down action shooting game that can be played in survival mode or even multiplayer
Developed by teamINOV
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Broken Earth is an top-down shooting game with addictive gameplay and huge arsenal. The game can be played in Singleplayer Survival Mode or Multiplayer mode. Survive as long as you can within a match with up to 4 players.

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the rating is five
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terrific graphics love the game.
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wow what a game man this game is rocking
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i love this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Who serial number 1, you can give ma tui register your account number series
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Crap, no one is ever on
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i heard from multible sourses that this game is ammazing
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amazing game aint nobody doubting that
ex member account
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We hope you guys enjoy our game, please let us know of any suggestions you may have :) - TeamINOV
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so addicting love it rlly good graphics btw!!!!!!!
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selvan waz up ^-^
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im not register an account Who can help me
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good geam not great but good
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