A short and eerie Twine novel, inspired by the developer's own existential angst.
Slendytubbies is back! Slash and dash your way through hordes of innocent tubbies to get high scores! New abilities will become available as you slice the tu...
Looks like our little red friend had enough of being the panic/emergency button and decided to take a break from his job. Will this be the end of it? Use you...
The object of the game is to stab the knife into the table as many times as you can, without hitting any fingers.
Test your crafting skills in this challenging minecraft-themed idle-clicker game. Craft infinite resources starting with the basic ones and unlock new ones a...
You play the role of some famous witch hunter who has been summoned by the inhabitants of an unknown town to deal with a witch treating their lives.
Explore a world of endless possibilities in this mysterious point and click game.
Train your real-life urinal picking skills in this funny sim game.
Help our ladies shorten their high heels by using an hammer. Decrease the stack and make sure you aim right.
Enter the secret cave and discover it's secrets. Another clever puzzle-based point and click adventure game from the RustyLake Studios.
The floor is cold. You wake up, but cannot remember what happened. You reach into your backpack, but it is empty. Your canteen is missing. It is not safe her...
A fun physics-based one button driving game where you take control of a funky kart and race through the hills while performing tricks.
Take a journey into the old west and try to discover the mystery of Aurora.
Top gunslingers wanted! In the quite bloody shootout skill game 'Gun Blood' you will have to shoot down rivals as fast as you can.
Help Josh Bullock, our protagonist to find what happened with his future fiance. He was planning to propose to her to discover that she suddenly vanished. Wh...
Playing pranks on people has never been so fun! Help FailMan to play pranks on innocent people by solving different puzzles and looking cool while doing it!
Test your aim in this casual archery sim game. Aim for the fruit not at the kid!
Use your detective skills to solve different cases and put criminals behind the bars at the famous WinkleTown Jail. Fallow the clues and eye-witness info to ...
Recreate images before time runs out. Make sure you get a really good look first.
Solve puzzles and find a way to escape Witch's hut. Use your mouse to grab and use different items.
Play Hard Day with badges on GameShed! Make sure you won't die in the process! Not recomended to children or people with heart conditions.
Build an website and learn how to get revenue from it in this great website sim game. Purchase different technologies and start earning some cash.
Do you have what it takes to complete this short yet challenging puzzle game? Use your mouse to manipulate objects in order to complete each level.
Are you a skilled driver? Test your skills in this reflex-based car racing game and prove you are the best!
Mr Piggy wants to get rich! Help him gather all the coins by solving different puzzles. A colorful 'Cut the Rope' like game to cure your boredom.
Match colorful tiles of the same color and make epic combos to level up! A fun yet very challenging game with delightful game-play.
You play as Rick, a private investigator seeking his long lost love. One day you receive a letter from Lily, the woman he once loved, begging you to come mee...
The final episode in the hood series. Find out where hood went, why she's there, and if she can be saved.