Monster Craft, a cool strategy defense game
Developed by Trost & Doc
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Build an army of monsters and defeat your opponents in each level. Use the Craftbook to create different types of monsters. Work your way up from a beginner to an Ultimate Mad Scientist!

user reviews & player tips

i completed this game on day 15
mjy5's profile page
58 day at school
am12's profile page
Done in 12 days, Very fun game. Gotta' love the monster combinations.
Strife's profile page
good game but it took me 71 days :(
ccconnor123's profile page
needs more monsters and new levels
DivineReaper's profile page
Decent game. I won it in 30 days. Can you beat that?
Shawman's profile page
Only 28 days sorry boys :) it was a fun game though
Prixie123's profile page
lol my monsters are strong
Kryton's profile page
ive finish the game now im the chapion
Kryton's profile page