Monkey GO Happy Adventure, a funny point and click adventure game recommended for kids
Developed by Robin Vencel
game rating
Help our wiping monkey enter the Evil King's Castle and free all the mini-monkey toys. Make sure to collect all the coins and use them to purchase stuff from the village.

user reviews & player tips

Badges are broken in this game....and it isnt a good game...
dexterous's profile page
highly recomended
16ettersand6number's profile page
rate 3 quite a fun little game
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
Arcaneth's profile page
Yellow is 16 Black is 22 White/Grey is 8
Cricketina's profile page
it`s so sad music...
Cutie99's profile page
What the hell I got a score of 920,000 and i got no medal that $ucks
geoneo878's profile page
cool game makes you want to get the monkey happy
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