ClickPlayTime 2, a cute puzzle game with awesome mini-games and challenging puzzles
Developed by Ninja Doodle
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Solve 20 challenging puzzles in order to find the PLAY button. Once found, click on it to unlock the next level. Get your thinking cap on and dive right in!

user reviews & player tips

the name of game says it all
2Tall's profile page
nice and fast game,,must chek walkthrough then play,,there is no time to think,,b fast and play with full attention,,best of luck to u alls;-)
saadia's profile page
how do i start this game
bobbytom's profile page
A nice, simple game. I like playing games like this once in a while. (Needed to use walkthrough on most, LOL)
jeninax's profile page
this is not loading :(
AnniPich's profile page
do any one no the stadout chaecter
pearliepop's profile page
the name of game says it all
Ali123's profile page
wow thats all i got to say just wow
fun123's profile page
This game is so easy. :3 Pm me!
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