A game for Lego fans. Participate in various missions to unlock Lego blocks and use them to build an entire city.
The sequel to the popular monster truck maniac game. Includes 24 missions, 6 games and fully customizable monster trucks.
The cute yellow duckling is back for more adventure! Perform various mini-games and prepare the little duck for the long journey to space.
Help the cute bear in his quest of finding his best friend, mr Elephant. Solve different puzzles and mini-games, helping numerous characters that will help y...
Prove you are the best in different mini-games while you jump, duck, collect and fight with different enemies.
Clarence is gonna squeeze all the fun things in Aberdale into a single, amazing day! Can you keep up with him?
Battle your way through 45 mini-game levels using all the skills you can muster. Find out if you have what it takes to reach the rank of Hardboiled?
Take something literally is a compilation of 25 original puzzle minigames. Try to complete all the puzzles without using the Tips button.
Test your multitasking skills in this challenging horse racing game.
Complete a series of mini-games in which you have to prevent the famous plumber, Mario, from winning the levels.
Great atmospheric skill game made by the Bell Brothers. Scratch your way through all five chapters.
A crazy minigame with many games modes, infinite levels and adictive gameplay.
Morplee is one fast-paced minigames collection with a challenging twist: most of the simple logic or one-button tasks you will have to solve simultaneously!
Funny mini-games with clever puzzles and funny characters. Recomended for kids and not only. Play Quickfire 2 on GameShed.
Solve 20 challenging puzzles in order to find the PLAY button. Once found, click on it to unlock the next level. Get your thinking cap on and dive right in!
Help our little hero to find the sword in the stone. One Button Arthur is controlled using the left mouse button. On some screens clicking will make Arthur j...
The anti-mario themed platformer is back! Once again you'll have to prevent Mario from rescuing the princess.