A fun turn based isometric game where you have to help Clarence to get his toys back from the thief.
Explore the maze while collecting points and avoiding the ghosts. The game mechanics are similar with the ones from Pacman.
A puzzle game that would make Nikola Tesla proud. Navigate through the maze while using electricity to interact with the environment.
Have you ever wondered what's on a game programmer's mind?
Are you up for a challange? A platformer that will challange your skills to the max!
Escape from the volcano and don't fall into the lava. Collect crystals and dodge the obstacles in your way.
Help Hook Head escape the maze using his head. Navigate the maze using your grappling hook.
Choose your favorite flying machine and fly through the world while collecting stars and dodging different objects.
A challenging puzzle-based game where you have to solve different puzzles by interracting with various elements.
Don't let the snake loose it's tail while navigating through the maze.
How far can you make it? Navigate trough the obstacles while you collect points to unlock new themes.
Jelly to the rescue! Guide the jelly through the maze until he arrives at the exit door.