War of Thrones, a exciting rpg game with some unique twists
Developed by EliteGames
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Choose your favorite character and begin your journey in a world of mythical creatures. In your journey you will reach a number of castles. Each castle is controlled by a monster. To free the inhabitants, you will have to defeat their master in battle.

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fun :D but they need to add games on here that has badges instead of metals .-.
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Really good game, it's fun
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waw it's really a good game
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it remind me about mario
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fun game. lol I like how the archer looks like she's about to sneeze XD
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Sure would be a lot more fun if I didn't have to sit through a goddamn advertisement after every board.
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loved this game!
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cazy but fun game
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its fantastic n addictive
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good game damn!!
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fun game but can add stuff
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this reminds me of galaxy quest. i love this game
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Game gets kinda easy after a while I learned all you have to focus on is the final 2 rows even if your health is full and all you have is the healing potion chain theres a chance you might make a chain of a weapon I finished the game without dieing and haveing 3 stars on all matches
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It's a good game but when u play over and over the same thing it getting boring :3
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