Jolly Jong 2, a fun mahjong matching game with 2 modes: classic and Arcade.
Developed by Igor Stuntsev
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Match titles on the board to remove them. A title can be removed only if it isn't blocked by other titles from its right, left or above. The quicker you match, the higher score you get.

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This Game ROOLZ!!!!The Music reaches into my soul!
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love the music (: also the game is not half bad eather verry good game i rate it a 9 out of 10
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Love this game!
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somehow its good compare to other games that is nonsense at aiming for gold...:D
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pretty good game!
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i love this game although i always get no matches left have to restart :/
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i like this game so much i kept playing it.lost count of how many times i played.i'm a jolly jong 2 holic!!!!!!
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ok but u dont hav a soul lolololololo:))))) IN YO FACE$$$$11
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