Zombies Inc, a freeware game
Developed by Thomas Griffin & Evil Space Chicken
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Being the CEO of the Zombies inc requires some mad skills. You will be in charge of the development, deployment and profitability of all zombies worldwide. Buy upgrades, research new technology and take over the world in this addictive management game. Have fun!

user reviews & player tips

Love the Idea but I keep losing after I get to Canada!!:(
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haw do u save your progres
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tip : don't over spend
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i got addicted to this game
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i love this game
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love this game play it.
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haw do u save
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My strategy is build up sales first... more money :P
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I was in dept but then I blackmailed the world into giving me 10,000
markiplier12's profile page
lol I thought I was going to lose because I didn't have a lot of money but then I earn money by finding it on the street like 11,000
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I keep dying at Canada but its still cool
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amazing game they should make more
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Its not soo fun but its soo addicting!! and i cant stop playing it
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this game is sooooooooo fun.EVERYONE ADD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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