Wasted Colony, a zombie defense simulation flash game
Developed by SmallFarm
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The city have been infected with zombies but you and your friends managed to find a way to survive. Now it's up to you to keep the survivors alive while searching for an cure. Organize their life in the best way and accomplish important missions outside, without letting the zombies destroy your safehouse!

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give this game 20/20 rlly awesome game
vincent23's profile page
difficult to get started... I keep losing everyone and running out of food
GameMaster's profile page
i get to the same point and they wont let me do anything.
kslayer4's profile page
actually not bad i like it
meg1's profile page
made it to day 94 then everone died D: just three poeple are left nooooo!!!
antony264's profile page
I give this game a 100/100... this game deserves to be an iphone app
moterthemomo's profile page
this is a hard!!!!
redeath1997's profile page
i rlly love this gam i give 9.5/10
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Ok, I'm gonna be completly honest, I dont like the game now, but I'll give it just 1 more try. Wish me luck.
vin2ty's profile page
Time Management Game + Zombies = 5 hours of gameplay when only feeling like 20min
iGamerKatie's profile page
Very fun and addictive!
Aguywholikespancakes's profile page
which person would be best
divaroyal's profile page
ok this is awsome forget my other post
redeath1997's profile page
Overall a good game.
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