Theme Hotel

Theme Hotel, a freeware game developed by ToffeeGames Studio
Theme Hotel has been developed by ToffeeGames Studio
Construct and develop your hotel from the scratch to a five stars resort. Earn cash, hire staff, build all sorts of rooms and aim for the 5 star status.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

Oooo management, I love these
i love management games whoo i reached 4 stars , then my business started to go down :( tip for you guys : build 2 or 3 of the same facility because they don't like waiting, if they wait , they are going to start giving you a bad rep. really nice game
people just want like who does that like "oh your hotel has 6 swimming pools one was cramped i want more!!" and im just like "oh sorry im just in debt for all the elevators people want!"
Really Addicting!
Took me awhile but i finally got 5 stars. You struggle at first but once there's more rooms and stuff, you wont have trouble making money.
i love this game very much i will play this everyday so play now
play this with support with your older brother or sister
AWSM game i loved it :)
I rate it 5/5 :). Really fun gamez!
Awesome game! Got 5 stars. ^_^ Very fun. :)
awesome game !!
it's a nice game!!!!
i love management games :)
yay i got 5 stars