Shop Empire Underground, a cute tycoon sim game with zombies and pixel-art graphics
Developed by Didik Kurniawan, Jon Brengos & Christina
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Another cute tycoon simulator from the guys from LittleGiantWorld. This time the action takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where zombies are the only survivors. The problem is that they all have money in their pockets and no place to spend their money on. Build the greatest mall ever and serve your undead customers at its best. Open shops, stores, dining and entertainment options, hire employees and build expand your business.

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It still an awesome game since my childhood.And the series of "SHOP EMPIRES" still addicting.
LEG1ON's profile page
WoW this is a fun game :D
horrorplayer12345's profile page
Keep on the series its cool
MiggyDelaCruz's profile page
awesome management game XD !!!
roki's profile page
so as much as I love this game for the zombies. after a while and going and leaving my saved game. It glitched. So all that work is gone. Yay....
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