Rebuild 2

Rebuild 2 is an tycoon game with zombies developed by Sarah Northway
Rebuild 2 has been developed by Sarah Northway & EvilKris
Reclaim a city from the zombie hordes while managing supplies, housing and morale.

Game Reviews & Player Tips

i hate the stupid freakin chosen one church, everybody keeps suiciding that goes there and i am on day 253 but i rage freakin quit because ive lost 15 good ass people that took me forever to train and stuff! UGHH. overall pretty ok game.
cool this game is very cool i love it!
like if u like these game and monsters and zombies
This game is cool! It will be even more better with more options and events but this game is still cool 5/5
Good game i could say, ur not doing anything thoughDX
Awesome game! I loved it :D
I cant find #1 to this :l
Love the Rebuild games :D I play Rebuild 1 and 2 all the time. They're so much fun!
really like this game :)
glad theres an autosave..
To that person who keeps blowing things up: GO AWAY!!!
wanna play this iver and over....add me
this games is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
day 400 already took the whole city just playing around now fun game