Jack of all Tribes, a medieval strategy game
Developed by DivoGames
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A rollercoaster ride transformed in a ride through time and now Jack finds himself somewhere in the past surrounded by savages. Help the tribes in their fight for survival. Teach them to farm, to gather food, wood and different raw materials and how to use them to build stuff to improve their lives.

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Well, there were like 12 levels or even more then that, but it seems not to work anymore, hmm strange. When you're done with the tutorial, it freezes. I remember playing this a couple of times. Enjoyed this game though.
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When I read the description, the song From Pocohontas, rang in my head.
Cricketina's profile page
Good game, But too short. And they don't even give you all of the levels. Because you can clearly tell that it has more levels then just those. :/
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Where can I get the full game though? XD (Also Sorry for the many comments, they don't let you edit your originals to add on.)
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idk about you guys but I can still play this game and it does not freeze, maybe try different browser
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i can't play this...
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this looks cool...BUT, there were much awesome games on here. they deleted all of them and why idk
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