Mahjong Cubes, a challenging mahjong game with cute graphics
Developed by BRAM12
game rating
A nice casual mahjong game with procedurally generated levels. Click on two of the same free cubes to remove them from the board. A cute is free if it has no cubes on top of it. Have fun!

user reviews & player tips

Lovely Mahjong game :) Simple, cute and relaxing.
HappySunFlow's profile page
I love this game! I've played mahjong before so it was pretty easy for me : 3
LeviAckerman1's profile page
well I got #7 in the all scores its a real fun game
AnotherGirlGamer's profile page
haha i got up to 15/25 then i got mad lol
16ettersand6number's profile page
Well Idk It's kinda little hard for me But I still Just liked it ..
ex member account
i love mahjong! 7th on the leaderboard :D
brezzaxo765's profile page
outstanding game! could be a bit more challenging though
pewdsfan08's profile page
Freak yeah! I'm in 1st place so far!
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hi eeverybody inbox me
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