Help Kate escape from a Jacob Miller, a criminal convicted for the death of his fiancee and her room mate.
Chapter 4 of the popular horror adventure game, The Last Door. Will detective Jeremiah Devitt find the answers to all his questions?
Hear the tragic story of Chloe and her sister Emma, two girls who's parents died.
A game adaptation of the famous horror novel, Keyhole.
A visual novel about a one-night-stand addictiong. The game features over 4 different endings.
Experience a night of terror inside the Acrylic Academy. Will you survive? Warning, the game has a lot of jump-scare moments!
Solve various puzzles to unravel the mystery of Home Story 1971.
Help Long Cat reach the ladder while grabbing all fishes in this cute and wonderful puzzle-based platformer. Do you have the skills?
Stab all the people from the party without being caught in the act. If that happens find a empty room to hide from the police and let someone else take the b...
Transport merchandise across the country using various vehicles. Use the money you receive to upgrade your vehicle or to unlock new ones.
The sequel of the famous story-driven horror rpg game, Fear Society by ZeroDigitZ.
Challenge a friend or play against the pc in a classic chess game. See who is the winner.
Assemble a team of heroes and fight against other teams to become the Dynamons Capitan.
A fast-paced car racing game for the addicts! Change the gears perfectly and win each game!
A fun yet pretty creepy horror-themed escape game. Find your way out from the penitentiary before it's too late.
Compete against football teams across the world and win the cup Africa. Assemble a team of cartoon super heroes and kick out the competition.
A fun stickman torture game to cure your boredom. Test an impressive arsenal against our stickman.
A funny point and click puzzle game based on the most popular youtube memes. Think like a troll!
Test your crafting skills in this challenging minecraft-themed idle-clicker game. Craft infinite resources starting with the basic ones and unlock new ones a...
Fight alongside Greek gods and their mighty heroes and defeat demon hordes and their temples.
Clean up your apartment before your mom arrives! A fun collecting game to cure your boredom!
Play the role of Caesar, the world's famous emperor and determine who lives and who dies! Give your approval or disapproval to plebeians across the land. Use...
Medan, The City of Darkness has been infected with a serious disease which turns humans into zombies. Help Zombo Buster, Medan's anti-zombies team to clear t...
Play Forgotten Hill, a terrifying puzzle-based point and click horror-themed adventure game.
Personalize the gingerbread using various items to look exactly like the one displayed in the top of the screen.
A hilarious indie adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world. Play as a super-hero and bring some good to what's left to the world.
A fun little point and click where you have to help the cat to find a way out from the washing machine.
Train your real-life urinal picking skills in this funny sim game.