Test your logic in this challenging isometric puzzle game. Try to get all the green items to the green platform. Be careful, you only have a limited amount o...
A challenging path-based logic game to cure your boredom. Our hero is stuck in a dungeon and he really needs your help. Guide him to the exit door while coll...
It seams that our funny looking bugs are trapped and they really need your help. Guide them to freedom while avoiding hazards and collecting stars. Use the m...
Guide BubbleBoy through his own dreams while collecting triangle nodules of dream matters and avoiding spikes, fast moving platforms, lasers and more deadly ...
Slaughtering humans have never been so fun! Join the Evil Lord of Terrible Darkness and his army of zombies and send the humans back to their lands.
Create your own clones and overcome deadly obstacles in your way to victory in this challenging puzzle platformer.
Romeo's life is in the hands of Balthazar, the demon. Help him retrieve the Soul Gem from the Underworld Lord. The game features upgrades and tons of enemies...
Defeat the Evil and put a stop to the madness. Use your abilities to overcome obstacles and enemies.
Prevent the demons from reaching the castle gates in this single-screen defense game. Use upgrades to improve your heroes.
Upgrade your forge, invest your money properly and take care of your clients in this great blacksmith sim game.
Our yellow ducklings are hungry and waiting for you to feed them. Use the cannon to feed them. Do not feed the red ducks.
Test your reflexes in this frantic 3D penalty-shoot challenge game. Lead your team to victory.
The anti-mario themed platformer is back! Once again you'll have to prevent Mario from rescuing the princess.
Learn the mysteries of alchemy in this wonderful idle game. Harvest ingredients and create powerful potions for your customers.
The ber cubs got lost through the maze and it's after mother bear to save them. Fly and dash through the maze
Embark in an wanderful adventure fighting monsters and searching for treasures and fame.
Help the savages improve their lives teaching them how to gather food and raw materials and use them to build stuff.
Have a nice relaxing time playing a game of sudoku against the computer.
A challenging puzzle-based game where you have to solve different puzzles by interracting with various elements.
Ride your bike like a pro in this challenging physics-based skill game.
Prevent the colorful marbles to reach the exit hole by shooting them down. An addictive game insired from the classical Zuma game.
Explore the temple and find the hidden treasures. Use your logic to solve each puzzle by interacting with the board and use as few moves as possible to reach...
Can you get the ball into the hole using as few moves as possible? Play the campaign or with a friend and prove you are the best.
Put on your swimming cap as you compete in the 100, 200, and 400 meter swimming contest. Choose your country to represent and travel around the world to get ...
Use different blocks wisely in order to fill in the grid. Travel across ancient civilizations and rebuild their structures.
Play against the computer in a air-hockey table game. Choose the difficulty and beat your opponents
How come even in peacetime, do friends become enemies? And why, even in wartime, do enemies become friends?