Race through traffic while dodging cars and collecting powerups. The game features 3d retro graphics and a lot of upgrades.
Help Sir Scarecrow train Gandor become the greatest gladator ever. A fun management game with lots of upgrades.
Choose your favorite Gravity Falls hero and fight against Bill Cypher and his demons to save the city from their wrath.
Popo had a little accident and lost all of his coins. Run, jump, climb walls and duck enemies while collecting your precious coins. Don't forget to use them ...
A fantasy turn-based adventure game with rpg elements where you must fight your way to become a Grand Sage! Find all six Sage Seals and prove you have what i...
A fun and addictive idle-based bussiness game. Hire skilled people and train them and push them to make you lots of money.
Our hero Rex has been lured to Van Kleiss' lair in Abysys and must now hold waves of Evo attackers. Defeat as many Efos as possible until Agent Six brings Pr...
Help the little robot to save his furry friend in this great retro platformer. Initially, you can`t even jump, so you might want to find that powerup quickly.
Help our funny looking robot to defeat the aliens and recover the stolen fishy.
Enter the arena and prove you are the next Spartacus! Face countless waves of enemies from the local gladiators to special challengers such as Joe The Henchm...
Build and manage the greatest hero agency there is. Hire applicants, train them in the art of war and guide them to become super heroes.
Upgrade your awesome rocket and fly to the skies.
Help the Robot and his furry friend to free the puppy who have been stolen by the bad robots! Explore and collect powerups to expand Kitty's abilities.
Kill all your enemies, pick up bonuses, upgrade your tank, unlock new types of guns in this arena shooter.