Decision 2: New City

Decision 2: New City is an post-apocalyptic top-down shooter game with zombies and creepy atmosphere developed by FlyAnvil
Decision 2: New City has been developed by FlyAnvil & Denis Kukushkin
The action-packed shooter strategy game is back with more challenging missions, more areas to search and secure and of course, more zombies to kill!

Game Reviews & Player Tips

this game is pretty dope XD i luv 2 kill zombies
Sweet, I'm glad they decided to put part 2 up
yay :3 part two is on here! :))
i love this game
decion is awesome
This is pretty damn epic
Time to blow up zombie
Accidentally blowing up unhacked ATM's should get your rage to max
this game is awesome :)
it's a cool game!! ^_^
more nice game.. is awesome... :)
I still love this game.. yeeaahh...!!!
This game starts out slow, but once you get the 2nd and 3rd zones under control, things start getting pretty addicting. I actually deleted my cache on accident and lost all my progress, but had enough fun that I didnt mind starting over! = good game 5/5
this was awesome Zombie Shooter. i like the Shotgun. upgrade the shotgun Damage. 1 shot 1 kill. and the Zombie say.. "That was kicking ass" hahah...