Decision 2: New City, a post-apocalyptic top-down shooter game with zombies and creepy atmosphere
Developed by FlyAnvil & Denis Kukushkin
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The action-packed shooter strategy game is back with more challenging missions, more areas to search and secure and of course, more zombies to kill!

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this game is pretty dope XD i luv 2 kill zombies
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Sweet, I'm glad they decided to put part 2 up
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yay :3 part two is on here! :))
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i love this game
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decion is awesome
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This is pretty damn epic
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Time to blow up zombie
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Accidentally blowing up unhacked ATM's should get your rage to max
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this game is awesome :)
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it's a cool game!! ^_^
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more nice game.. is awesome... :)
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I still love this game.. yeeaahh...!!!
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This game starts out slow, but once you get the 2nd and 3rd zones under control, things start getting pretty addicting. I actually deleted my cache on accident and lost all my progress, but had enough fun that I didnt mind starting over! = good game 5/5
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this was awesome Zombie Shooter. i like the Shotgun. upgrade the shotgun Damage. 1 shot 1 kill. and the Zombie say.. "That was kicking ass" hahah...
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