Chain of Fire, a freeware game
Developed by PixelDuck
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Your objective is to light people on fire and send them on a burning rampage. Try to burn as many as you can with less mouse clicks.

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burn baby burn
sarakeno's profile page
kinda fun i like watchin 'em BURN! lol
AlexEatsGiraffes's profile page
wat u dont make any sense
DERGAMI's profile page
too easy try to make it harder but cool game
ex member account
FIRE! XD the trees are on fire.. XD
riddlegirl009's profile page
it should be water instad of fire...i dont like fre that much.
riddlegirl009's profile page
This game s*cks
Mr314's profile page
really addicting if my mama wanan take me of the pc il bite :D
EntertaiinmenT's profile page
Yeah! What kinda sadist would play this crap and enjoy it!? *Looks in a mirror* Oh yeah! Me! >:3 Burn ya little mofos! Buuuuurn!!
xXLovely_ShinigamiXx's profile page
put som bad bors down
madg5's profile page
whz everztime when i plaz this game i mus to pee right away??? ^_^ d^_^b :D
Eclipse666's profile page