Hewitt, a cute adventure point and click game recommended for kids
Developed by PhantasmagoricEntertainement & BgroupProduction
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Help Hewitt the dork to find a dancing partner for the Prom or something really bad is going to happen in the near future. At least that's what future Hewitt said!

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this is the BEST GAME i EVER PLAYED ------_______--------
Roxanne's profile page
liked- i really hate using keys to move around wish all games were just point to a place unless its 1st veiwer, but yeah i love this game grew up with this game
Tr1ckst3r's profile page
I wish you could turn off the tutorial.
Cricketina's profile page
i was trying to rate zero not one!!!
jjazz24106's profile page
this dum game dsnt evn load...!!!!
badangel17's profile page
why no load :/
kittycat95's profile page
I dont think its cool
maryrose231's profile page
this is boreing
wiliam's profile page
This game is not the greatest...I rather play something else.
whatevergirl55's profile page
It wont load for me :/
Amber18's profile page
its thinking game i wish it has scores
saadmansuri's profile page
3rd and okay game
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