Crate Run, a challenging platform game
Developed by Roman Pidstryhach
game rating
Use your skill and survive 30 levels of terror in this challenging avoid game CrateRun! Run and jump from level to level avoiding deadly falls, spikes, falling floor, and bullets.

user reviews & player tips

game is pretty much super meat boy. its a good game but, the movements are too sensitive idk if its just me though
ColoredMayo's profile page
You need to have good timing for this game =P Cool game, though.
Necomini's profile page
this game is awesome.. needs some skills though..:) =P
hottynoor's profile page
This game is beast!
moterthemomo's profile page
this games is hard wen the screen keeps goin up and down. :<
Talia's profile page
Good game, quite hard to jump right I ALWAYS jump to far, maybe it's me But I enjoyed the game otherwise.
StarceMNonYoutube's profile page
No! this game is great. 1:00:06 timer left! sorry. i miss the pool
Bryant1000's profile page
make more platformers like this IT IS FU$#ING AWESOME
Thehorrorcryer's profile page
wow this game gets hard pretty fast
Thehorrorcryer's profile page
i got to level 25.... done
Thehorrorcryer's profile page
Best game I've played.
TGODDynasty's profile page
This pisses me the f*ck off! Good Game though.
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and really awesome!!!
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